by døves

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all proceeds from ep2 will be donated to planned parenthood.

produced by døves (soundcloud.com/dovescry)
art by reyn yeager (reynyeager.com)



released January 25, 2017



all rights reserved


døves Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: dressed ft. wicca phase springs eternal
couple bars inside my pocket
"how come døves never drops shit?"
back of the club feeling nauseous
anxiety mixed with exhaustion
i was envisioning black lipstick framed empty promises
like you're on some slaughter shit
catch a body to hit a lick
and i can't recognize your face in a crowd anymore
i've been seeing floors, six stories and i'm yours
i haven't seen straight in seven days
caught up in a darker kind of way, i'm just wasting

wicca phase:
i had love once, i tried to escape it
you don't know what's real though, i know how to fake shit
i knew how to make my heart keep breaking
caught up in a dark way, left my ego broken
you knew how to keep things left unspoken
you put me in bad ways, i was all emotion
i wish i could sleep my vice to the ocean
you're on some evil shit, use your body to kill me quick

i wish i could sleep my vice to the ocean
i wish i could slit my throat wide open
i wish you would keep things left unspoken
i'm in the back with the clique in all black and a hundred milligrams of shit and i can't feel my fucking face
hope i don't die this way, switchblade always on my waist
six days and i rot away
crimson wrist and my skin all grey
like you're on some evil shit, why can't you kill me quick
you see me suffering, you see me drown in it
swear i'm just dying slow, but at least i can't feel it
Track Name: used ft. horse head
horse head:
how could i ever get used to missing that
and if you give it up, you can't take it back
drugs have been keeping me up at night
under club lights, i'm such a mess tonight
i couldn't wait to be back home
one more show then i can be alone
i feel so bad when she sings my songs
she sounds so alone, like she's used to that
she feels so bad, the way i sing my songs
i feel so alone and i'm used to that
i'm used to that, i want it back
i'm true to it, go through with this
i'm moving back to where i'm from
i had you in nothing but black then
now i only speak of you in past tense
thought i had it, i couldn't grasp it
now it's slipping away into blackness

i'm used to that, i'm using that
i want you bad, i want the black
and you want to see me in past tense
i had you in nothing but black then
and i was in the party, you were at the gate
and i could call you in and we could slip away
and maybe we could talk if i could stay awake
but i just took a clip and i'm fading away
you can't help, you're too late
(time spent painted in white)
recalling all the words you said
like i could ever fall for that
(eyes mint, amber and blind)
i was just a fuck you had
like you would ever love me back
visions keep me up at night, poison warms the cold inside
like my life through your eyes
Track Name: should have ft. wicca phase springs eternal
wicca phase:
tie it up, would that be wrong
must be the heat that makes my throat hurt in the morning
i've been waking up hot in my own bed
and you always turn your back, but i don't even want to talk about it
like it's your new way to attack
show you i have it i pay everything in cash
you tie me up so i'll react
i've been calling out to you but i'm getting no response and i'm like
if there's a crisis, it'll be the last one
and if i die i hope it's in front of a mirror
i've got a girl but it's super so platonic
i've got a friend but it's really not convincing
it calls me up and i will say that you were not that down
bodies on the ground, lights really out
bodies on the ground

i was in the trees then, living in the background
couldn't even see then, yeah i had the blade out
digging into my skin, searching for an answer
i think i wanted your love, i'm taking my chances
like do i want to die today or run away
excuses that i made sound the same, like i said i'm sorry
don't want me to leave, but i think it's too late
you don't want me to leave
gothboiclique in the club in the back
with the drugs in a bag and my heart in my hands, so black
i've been buying bottles all night i'm so blacked
benzo in my blood like i think i need that
and yeah i want to die but i don't want to forget you
so tell me what it's like when i miss you
and tell me what it's like when i'm with you
i still want to die but i don't want to forget you
Track Name: medicine ft. jpdreamthug
there's a solace in your eyes and it draws me in
a special reason brought to light i had to see again
i can't be with you now
the questions that you didn't ask are running through my head
it makes me wonder what you'd have said if i had asked again
i guess there are reasons that i think you should go
nothing at all
i don't feel at all
i'm not home

so i'm just the medicine you take when you're sick
well i'ma put a thousand on my wrist
just to cover up the scars that you left me with
shine a little light on all the dark that you left me in
i'm in echo park park having visions with the clique yeah
i've been driving cars with the figures in the sixes
and if you knew my name then, would you really call me it?
i think i'm mackned, i think i'm passionate
like i'm so down to rip your heart out
and you just lie in wait with your arms out
all those scars across my back i know you think about
i got medicine in hand, just let me pass out
i think there's a passion, i think there's a solace
i don't think i'll find it, i'll just feel nothing
you still feel the marks on the back of your neck
red wine on that drive to the hill where you lived
i could find a solace in your sweat, i could drown in bottles in your bed
and you could feed me percocets, waste away in all of it
like we're already dead
Track Name: rory
pick me up and flip the car
i just want to die in your arms

we don't fuck with bottles at the bar
percocets & xanax on my card
and i'm in LBC with coldhart
GBC in east LA, come run up
i'm in los angeles
broken neck
heavy head
hold it in
half breaths
my eyes are red from all of this
and i think this is it
leg over the ledge

we shared smoke
you shared the words behind your lips
and i was alone
i wasn't anything at all
you're just tall bones
with your soft skin against my neck
and the tears on it
and the words that i left you with were my own
but my hands shake and my legs break
i swear that you don't ache like i ache
i swear that you can't hate like i hate
i know there's passion in the pain
i can't relate

envelop my scars like you broke down and held me
while i'm feigning addiction, all this time out in LA
like i swear that i'm trying
and i swear that you're helping
and i swear i'm a good man
Track Name: youth
i’m holding my head, i can’t hold your hand
i already said i wasn’t meant for this

troubled by the emptiness & benzodiazepines
this is fucking atrophy, i feel it
i can’t feel shit, bourbon on my rings
i’m collecting names, setting fire to my insides

put that blade against my tongue, you know i fuck with death
i’ve been pulling powder in my lungs like i’ve got nothing left
angel wings on me, i’m already dead
halos buried with their hymns six feet from my fucking head
and i was in the back during the set
dressed in black, i didn’t get your text
maybe i left you on read (maybe you don’t understand me)
i’m under stress, under slept, i feel the noose around my neck
i feel like i don’t want to live, i feel like i’ve already bled out

cut open, sun poisoned
eyeliner, your rhetoric
a vision, mirages
i’m hollow, nothing at all

you’re poured up, new haircut
(already dead in the benz hit a hundred and five)
no feeling, young and in love
(eighteen forever got blades out i’m ready to die)
eyeliner, your parties
(headlights in my eyes, the darkness eats me up inside)
scar tissue, your skin on mine